I'm a food photographer, food stylist, and graphic designer.  I grew up as the picky kid.  I was big fish stick and french fry fan, but that was about it.  As I got older, I taught myself (with some family help) to cook and started experimenting with lots of different food.  Starting at about 10 years old, I would make "special dishes" for the family that they graciously ate (probably not so tasty).  I've been in the kitchen ever since.

Recently relocated from Sacramento, CA to the Dallas, TX area, I specialize food photography and graphic design for food and wine.  People eat with their eyes so if you need tasty photos or quality design, I'd love to learn more about your project.  I'm passionate about all things food and wine, so it never really feels like work. 

Nice to meet you, I'm Devin. 

Favorite Drink: Margarita  Food: Chips & Salsa  Hobby: My 1970 Dodge Truck