Pricing & How It Works

Most clients end up with a final per image cost around $50, but all projects are dependent on client requirements.  Here's how it's calculated:  I charge $100/hr for my time to stage, style, and shoot the photos.  You review fully edited photos from the shoot, then purchase only what you want at a cost of $30 per image.  

Example Client A = Client selects 10 images @ $30 each = $300 + 2 hours of shoot time $200 = $500 divided by 10 images, the average cost is $50 per image.  This varies project to project of course and is only intended to give you an idea of how my pricing works.

I start by meeting with you to learn more about your brand and to gather information.  From there we schedule a time to shoot some awesome food photos.  I edit them and post them on my (separate, non-public) website for your review.  You select the photos you want, I prepare them for use online and in print and send them to you.  Easy. 


1) Plan

We meet to discuss your project and what kinds of images you need.  If you need concepts and styling I’m your guy. If you've got a specific need or requirement I can also shoot exactly what is needed for the specific project.  Initial consultation is complimentary, schedule it here! 


2) Production

I will stage and style the food photoshoot depending on the specific needs we discuss in the planning phase.  We can always vary the shoot to ensure you get the shots you need should a change occur after our planning session. Once I have the shots, I'll edit them and select the best shots for the project.  I do NOT charge for editing time.


3) Delivery

I use a web-based, third-party software service (fancy way of saying, website service) and I upload all of your fully edited images.  Once they are uploaded to the online gallery, you can review and select what photos you'd like to purchase.  You can share the gallery link with other decision makers and purchase as many of the images from the shoot as you'd like.